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    Post  jere on Fri Feb 06, 2009 11:00 pm

    Price Guide - (Slime)
    I don't assume to have the correct price of every item. I know some of them are EXTREMELY accurate and some maybe off.

    I'm posted this merely to help people because I remember when I first started Luna it was so hard to have an idea of what to sell anything for. My inventory and storage space flooded with items because I was too afraid to sell anything and get a bad deal. Over time I believe I've learned the price of somethings. I hope this helps people. I'll try to keep it updated and add more items if people really enjoy it.

    Tip: Using this price list may depend on how much time you spend selling things compared to how often you play. If you only get to play a hour or so a day, you will won't be finding that many items. You will have the rest of your time so sell those few items. This means it might be better for you to sell around the upper price because it could take a while to get the upper price.

    If you want to message me on MSN or in game to discuss a suggestion for a price or to ask something FEEL FREE.

    IGN: Relief
    MSN: okcodeine@hotmail.com

    Keep in mind: No one is forcing you to use this list - please don't flame me if you think the prices are incorrect.

    Last Updated: Wednesday, January 21st 2009.

    Luna Prices
    A Battle Hammer - 50k-65k
    Absolute One's Robe - 90k
    Absolute One's Glove - 25k-30k
    Absolute One's Shoes - 20k-25k
    Abundance Leather Long Boots - 45k-55k
    Accesswell - 6k
    Aesthetic Leather Glove - 32-40k
    Alactrious Hunter's Boots - 50k
    Alacritous Hunter's Helmet - 20k
    Angel Wings Feather - 90k-125k
    Animal Leather - 800
    Animal Leather Piece - 800
    Arcwand - 350k-400k
    Argentum - 7k
    Aquamarine - 15k-20k
    Bear's Strengthend Long Bow - 35k
    Brave Warrior's Gauntlet - 15k
    Brave Warrior's Boots - 20k
    Brigandine Gauntlet - 1.5k
    Brutal Killer's Leather Armor - 500k
    Brutal Killer's Leather Long Boots - 150k
    Bull's Main Gauche - 20k
    Chain Gauntlets - 2k
    Combat Warrior's Mid-Armor - 120k
    Combat Warrior's Gauntlet - 19k-20k
    Commander's Combat Mid-Armor - 200k-250k
    Commander's Holy Boots - 60k
    Commander's Protective Gauntlet - 50k
    Commander's Protective Boots - 40k-40k
    Commander's Protective Mid-Armor - 320k
    Compound Strengthend Leather - 5k
    Composite Boots - 8k
    Composite Gauntlet - 8k
    Copper Nugget - 400
    Corrupted Saint Knight's Sword - 1.5m
    Cotton Piece - 600
    Coyote's Cursed Wand - 75k
    Coyote's Magic Leather Long Boot - 35k-40k
    Coyote's Mithril Leather Glove - 50k
    Coyote's Mystic Staff - 15k-20k
    Coyote's Spell Breaker - 30k
    Coyote's Unicorn Horn - 230k
    Crocidle's Assin Knife - 200k
    Crocidle's Basatrd Sword - 80k
    Crocidle's Damascus - 220k
    Crocidle's Kukri - 50k
    Crocidle's Savage Axe - 100k
    Crocidle's Scout Bow - 55-60k
    Crocidle's Stiletto - 80k
    Cruel One's Leather Long Boots - 24k
    Crying Wolf Leather - 300k
    Crystal Staff - 50k-75k
    Dark Boots - 37k
    Dark Night's Leather Glove - 30k-50k
    Destruction Spell's Robe - 100k
    Dispossessed Mage's Wand Hair - 1k
    Dragon Bone Piece - 500
    Durelin - 9k-13k
    Elephant's Damascus - 100k
    Elephant's Great Hammer - 55k
    Elephant's Stieltto - 70k
    Emerald - 10k-12k
    Emerald Piece - 2k
    Fair Dust - 12-17k
    Fairy's Feather - 22k-25k
    Fighter's Combat Gauntlet - 25k
    Fighter's Combat Mid-Armor - 75k
    Flax Piece - 500
    Fox's Battle Bow - 100k
    Fox's Magic Leather Armor - 35-40k
    Fox's Magic Leather Glove - 15k-20k
    Furious Leather Armor - 130k
    Furious Leather Glove - 50k
    Furious Storm's Leather Glove - 20k-25k
    Furious Storm's Leather Long Boots - 19k-23k
    Gandiva - 2m
    Giant Guard Leather Boots - 20k
    Glove of Blind Faith - 45k-50k
    Golden Glove - 20k-25k
    Golden Robe - 35k
    Great Tabar - 50k
    Guard Military 's Chest Protector Piece - 500
    Guardian's Combat Mid-Armor - 60k
    Guardian's Combat Gauntlet - 24k
    Guardian's Robe - 150k
    Guardman's Gauntlet - 22k
    Harmel - 6k
    Heart Stone - 10k-13k
    Heart Stone Piece - 1k-1.3k
    High Quality Hard Leather Glove - 15k
    Holyove - 1.3m-1.4m
    Iron Nugget - 400-650
    Iron Ore - 300-400 gold
    Iron Will Robe - 120k
    Leather Glove of Fierce Wind - 20k
    Leather Glove of Meditation - 25k
    Leather Long Boots of Meditation - 12k-15k
    Lightning Strike Crystal - 12k
    Litheon Piece - 7k
    Magic Box's Poinsed Needle - 250k
    Magic Powder - 2.5k
    Magician's Robe - 65k
    Magician's Glove - 20k
    Mana Powder - 4k
    Mana Stone - 8k-11k
    Merciless One's Leather Long Boots - 15k-50k? :/
    Mind Stone - 10k-12k
    Mithril Glove - 40k
    Mithril Nugget - 6.5k
    Moonlight Crystal - 15k
    Moonstone - 12k-14k
    Moonstone Piece - 1.2k-1.5k
    Mose's Wand - 10m-12.5m
    Nature Energy's Leather Armor - 55k-90k
    Nature Energy's Leather Glove - 15k-20k
    Nature Energy's Leather Long Boots - 40k
    North Wind's Leather Armor - 200k
    North Wind's Leather Glove - 35k-45k
    Opal - 8k-12k
    Oriharucon - 15k - 20k
    Parrot's Priest's Wand - 15k
    Piece of Life Stone - 750-900
    Plate Boots - 10k
    Predator's Leather Armor - 35k
    Priest Warrior's Mid-Armor - 40k
    Priest Warrior's Boots - 30k-40k
    Priest Warrior's Gauntlet - 30k-40k
    Red Bronze Armor - 30k
    Red Bronze Boots - 15ik
    Red Bronze Gauntlet - 10k
    Red Fly - 25k
    Robe of Blind Faith - 125k
    Ruby - 7.5k-8k
    Ruby Piece - 1.5k-2k
    Salvation Combat Gauntlet - 24k-28k
    Sapphire - 8k-12k
    [Sealing] Blue Tights Glove - 500-1k
    [Sealing] Green Tights Glove
    [Sealing] Horned Rimmed Glasses - 50k-100k
    [Sealing] Paper Bag Rider Mask - 1k
    [Sealing] Pink Tights - 500-1k
    [Sealing] Red Tights - 500-1k
    [Sealing] Untuned Slippers - 100k
    [Sealing] Yellow Heart Sunglasse - 500-1k
    [Sealing] Yellow Tights - 500-1k
    [Sealing] Yellow Tights Hat - 500-1k
    Seed[Lv 3]: Fierce Flower of Beast - 5k
    Seed[Lv 3]: Luminous Flower of Crystal - 10k
    Seed[Lv 3]: Luminous Flower of Magic - 10k
    Sharp Wind's Leather Long Boots - 40k
    Shoes of Light - 23k-30k
    Shining Pearl Shield - 80k
    Silent Forest's Leather Long Boots - 15k
    Silent One's Glove Piece - 1k
    Slayer's Hammer - 50k
    Stat Reset Scroll - 8.5m
    Steel Nugget - 1.5k
    Stone of Life - 10k-15k
    Tear of Spirit - 20k-23k
    Tiger's Essert Bow - 300k
    Trinity Glove Piece - 500
    Truth Seeker's Shoes - 40k-60k
    Wand of Glory - 200k-300k
    War Pick - 80k
    Water God's Glove - 28k
    Water God's Shoes - 15k
    Weird Powder - 3k
    Wiesel - 6k-10k
    Wind Crystal - 20k-30k
    Wind Curtain's Leather Glove - 50k
    Windy Leather Long Boots Piece - 1k
    Wild Beast's Leather Long Boots - 24-25k
    Wool Cloth - 3.5k-4.5k

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    Post  Admin on Sun Feb 08, 2009 10:32 pm

    Wow how did you get this wow thats amazing market knowledge

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    Post  Bless on Sun Feb 08, 2009 11:29 pm

    its copy and paste lol

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    Post  jere on Fri Feb 27, 2009 9:03 pm

    Wa liao hahah i am busted

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