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    Dating Quest


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    Dating Quest

    Post  jere on Mon Mar 02, 2009 12:27 am

    Dating dungeon for all levels
    1) Firstly, you need to apply as a resident. Talk to Celerian at Alker Habour to apply for resident.

    An Issue Resident Card will show up. Enter your particulars.

    2)Next, form a party with your bf/gf/friend (1 only).

    3) Press "D" in-game and search for your bf/gf/friend. Click on his/her name and select "Chatting".

    A 1:1 chat will pop out. Prepare for battle~~~ Remember to replenish your pots before the battle.

    4) When both are ready click on "Matching". Select the level range. (eg:lvl1-20, 21- 40. 41-60 etc). After that, both will be teleported to an area and the battle started. The time limit is 15 mins. Try to kill all the mobs and lastly the boss within the time limit. Items like enchant scrolls and material will be dropped from the mobs. The BEST time will be recorded.

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