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    Site Updates


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    Site Updates

    Post  Admin on Sat Dec 20, 2008 3:22 pm

    Latest Site Updates:

    20th December 2008

    - "Latest donor" Pic displayed and linked.
    - "Powered By" section pic displayed and linked.
    - New category created for Counter Strike Source.
    - Setti banner now set to standalone, no frame.

    22nd December 2008

    - Implemented New Site Theme.

    24th December 2008

    - New "CSS Clan Chat" section added under Counterstrike Source category
    - Hyper-Gamers CSS server goes down for heavy maintenance. ETA 12 hours.
    - Added online IRChat page & links
    - Added Advertising space
    - Rearranged top menu links

    27th December 2008

    - Added new portal google ads
    - Added new portal post
    - New theme
    - Added mmorpg section on forum

    3rd February 2009
    - Recategorized forum
    - Added pics for categories and forums
    - Added new mmorpg sections

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